Friday, 25 July 2014

"Oldie for Friday"

Good morning Blog friends, it certainly is a beautiful one here this morning.  This past week we have had to wait till later for the sunshine due to the Haar that often shrouds this part of the East Coast of Scotland.  Even though we are actually inland a bit we are still plagued by it.   Not today, it is up and running already I do hope it lasts the pace.
Welcome to my Blog and what I have to offer. I have been supporting Erika over at with her "Oldies for Friday" showcasing "Anything" you have made in the past, it does not have to be a card.  
I have to apologise if I have missed commenting on any of your Blogs.  With the schools being off and the weather good we often get phone calls asking if we would like to join John, Audrey and the boys on "days away" or "events" that they have organised.  We also have the boys here some days which means absolutely NO crafty time.  I might be missing for a few days even a week at a time till the schools go back.   I have things I could "schedule" but whats the point, I am not here to get back to visit and comment on your Blogs.  I am sure you can picture the scene and understand the situation.
Here is my offering for "Oldie on Friday" this week:-

A Chocolate Explosion:-
My hubby is a Chocoholic, never puts on any weight, that makes me really mad 
This was what I gave him as part of his Birthday Gift.
Lots of bars of Chocolate:- presented in a very different way 
Cheap plastic pot, piece of Oasis (dry),  Kebab Sticks.  
Whole sticks right in the centre with the longer bars attached.  I then cut the sticks at various levels to give me all the different heights
Wrapped it in cellophane and presented it to one Happy Birthday Boy!!!

That`s it for today.  I am actually going away with my friend Isobel picking Raspberries.
We are doing this by the book ........ not going foraging as we do for the Strawberries!!!!
Isobel makes wonderful jam, she needs help picking for the amount of Rasps she requires.  Much cheaper to "pick your own" that`s what I am up to this morning.  Will need lots of Factor 50 Sunscreen for today.

Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

"It`s Roses Again"

Hello folks, welcome to my wee corner here in Blogland.  Great to have you visit, I hope you like what you see and call again. 
Hope you are all enjoying the wonderful weather.  Even here in the North East of Scotland we are getting it hot, hot, hot.  I just love it, although I do not sit in the sun I really enjoy the brightness and warmth it brings. 
Audrey and the boys arrived yesterday afternoon, boys stayed with Grandpa.   Audrey and  I went off for a long walk and a great chat with the dogs running free through the fields.
Managed to get myself motivated and made a card.  I had used Sue Wilson`s new Bevelled Glass Striplet, I cut it out three times on the one sheet of card.  Unfortunately I did not line them all up properly, I discarded the piece which John retrieved along with the Gilding Flake bit (yesterday`s card)   I am terrible, if it is not right first time I just dump it.  In future I am going to start taking a real good look at bits before dumping them. 
Here is my card using the retrieved  Die cut:-

Base card white A4 card folded in half
Pink card
Freebe paper behind the Die Cut
Rescued Die cut reduced in size
2 different widths of Ribbon to cover the join in the black card
SB Blossom Five for the Roses using more of the Freebe paper
Leaves from SW Classic Rose Die set
No greeting on the card, I have put in my card box

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xx

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

"Re-cycling again"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any one has popped by for a visit.  I love having you here, I also loving visiting your Blogs.
Busy day here yesterday doing all the normal house things.  Got all the washing done, dried, ironed and put away before lunch.  Absolutely brilliant just my kind of day.  Once all that`s done I can relax and play.  Actually did not do any playing had a few other things to do.
However I do have a card to show you.  I made the Gilded base for this and threw it in the re-cycling box.  John spotted it and asked why I was doing that.  To me it just was not right!!!  John asked why I was not doing something with the bits that looked ok.
When we were in Aberdeen at Sue & Julia`s workshops we used Gilding Flakes.  Something I had not done before.  Had all the gear but never used it .... you know the scene!!!
My first effort at home was not quite right, I managed to get a crease in the Double Sided Sticky Sheet.  I thought you might not see it once the Gilding Flakes were applied .... wrong!!!
However sitting down looking at what John had taken out of the re-cycling here is what I made:-

Base card 6 x 6 white card
Black card
Teal card
Creative Expressions mask
Gilding Flakes
Die cut banner and a stamp embossed in gold

I chopped the piece I had made a mess of into 4 pieces 
Mounted them onto the Teal card ..... not wasted after all
Popped it in my box it might get used at some point

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by and for all the lovely comments you leave on my work.  I really appreciate that you take time to do that
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Sunday, 20 July 2014

"Two Years of Blogging"

Hello friends, fellow bloggers and anyone who just happens bye.  You are all most welcome I love having visitors.
I just noticed I have been Blogging for 2 years.  Seems a lot longer in some ways but in others it seems like yesterday.  I have learnt so much seeing what everyone I follow is doing and from trawling associated Blogs. I have also made so many wonderful Virtual friends and friends I have enjoyed meeting up with.  Hazel and I are meeting with Kate (culliesocks) in a couple of weeks.  We have all met a few times and had a great time, really looking forward to this meet up.
All very quite here at the Ranch.   The boys are away camping at Aviemore (near Inverness) with their mum & dad.  From all reports they are having good weather and great fun.  They have one of these bike carriers  for the car, all the bikes are with them.  My DIL Audrey who I love to bits is a bit of a "snob" the fact she is enjoying this camping malarkey really amazes me.  However she does get her showers, hair washed, dried and hot brushed etc:- so she is a happy bunny.  Really cant see her doing the real rough style camping that Hazel and did when we were the boys ages.  Hazel and spent most of 6 weeks school holidays on some Wild and wonderful beach or hillside roaming free.  Other than food shopping and the occasional visit to some town we never saw anyone.  Talking about it now we always say we were never lonely, we had very little in the way of toys for entertainment.  Maybe we were lonely but never realised it.
Anyway here is a card that was amongst some of my first posts:-

I had been making cards for a while before I started Blogging.  I do feel they have improved a lot since then from the hints and tips I have picked up along the way.
This is a Triple Stepper Card using plain white card and SB Dies
Crealies Die for the foliage
That`s it for today will be back with something new soon
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia  xxx