Friday, 26 July 2013

"Altered Cheese Box & Bean Tin"

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I mentioned last week about an altered "Cheese Box" which sparked a few comments. 
The boys are always looking for projects to do when they are here.  So between the Cheese Boxes and Bean and tall Rice Tins we have great fun.
The best boxes are the "triple layer" ones they give a bigger working area for small hands.  Any box with a lid will give hours of fun.
Hazel has also used these ideas to work with her Grandsons and the girls.  Cheap and cheerful,so what if they make a mess it has only cost the bits of paper plus a few embellishments.  That`so cheap to have the fun they do.  So here are the things to keep in mind for a rainy day during the school holidays.  Not that we want them but we might just get "one"

Sorry I do not have other views as the box, this was done before I really thought about theses sort of things.
Take all the loose paper off the box, paint inside and out (I use Bog Standard cheap emulsion paint)
Leave to dry.  Decorate with lace & ribbon or just pretty paper.  I cut a few different size SB Scallop Circles and some SB Foliage for the top.  The rose was made using just a SB classic circle Die.  Buy some bunches of cheap flowers for the kids to use. You often get stems of flowers in the £1 shops .... perfect !!!

The tins are covered with Corrugated card mine came inside packages delivered.    This has been painted over, buy little tester pots of colours.  Let that dry, paint over with white emulsion, rub some off while still wet to give a distressed look.  Decorate with bits and pieces.  One little "tip" the tops of the tins are sharp so before you start line the tin with card to come "just" above the top rim of the can. By the way the tins are the "ring pull" tins

That`s it for today.  I hope you find these things useful, we certainly do in this house
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Thursday, 25 July 2013

"Similar to Mrs Ducks card"

 Hello and welcome everyone.
Oh! Wow! I have another follower, I checked out her Blog and there are some stunning photographs on it.  The only this is, I really did look, unfortunately I could not find her actual name. So welcome anyway, thank you for joining me in my little corner of Blogland.
Nothing exciting here today, John`s car had to go to the garage in Broughty Ferry for its MOT.  It is a fair few miles from here.  They always offer us a car, but it depends on what they have to offer on the day.   It is good of them BUT!! John has a 4x4 because of his back and knees.  He finds getting in and out of a low car rather difficult, so a "sporty" type job is no darned use........  Last time that`s what they gave us......we did manage I drove, helped John out when we stopped, not a pretty sight!!!! what a laugh we had.    However rather than chance getting similar, I followed him in my car.  We then drove into Dundee, had a look round the shops and made a few purchases.  Well!! you have to take the opportunity to spend when its there don`t you!!! When we got back to the garage they apologised saying the car would not be ready till about 5pm.but they had a nice new 4x4 ready for us to use till tomorrow.  I just hope John does not get any fancy ideas!!!!!  Typical the day I take my car he gets to drive the nice new one home.
When I saw the card Mrs Duck  had up the other day it reminded me of one I made on the very same theme.  I know one of the rules in Blogging is to give credit to a person, company, or contact if you have used their idea or products.  That`s all very well and good but how many times have we made and posted a card when someone on that very same day has posted similar.??  My opinion is that we all use very similar things, get ideas when we go "Blog Hopping" these similarities are bound to happen. 

My card base is approx 5 x 7 white card
I used a SB scallop Border Die to cut the edge
The tag style pieces are cut from white card embossed using SB Paisley embossing folder
Piece of lace from my Lace Box
American Seam binding to cover the join between the lace and card.  A four loop bow of the same and a pearl
Roses were bought  from Wild Orchid Crafts, actually that`s also where I got the pearl embellishment from

That`s it for today
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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

"Be Unique"

Hello and welcome to my Blog.  I hope you are all well, if any of you are feeling a bit poorly I send you a big HUG!!
 We have had a very nice day here after the terrible Thunder & Lightening last night.  Started very misty, that soon lifted to give a really warm sunny day.  The boys were here so it let them get out to run about.  They went off with Grandpa for a bike ride.  Robert 6 was with them so they did not go too far, a round trip of just about 5 miles.  They still needed supplies though.  Water, crisps and some chocolate, when they got back they still had most of the chocolate.  Thomas came in and said "Granny why did you give us chocolate it melted".  I never packed the bag it was Grandpa ....... when I  told him this, his answer was "It must have gotten hotter after Grandpa packet it"   Grandpa can do no wrong in that boys eyes!!!!
I was having a bit of a tidy up of some card and paper.  I found some 6 x 6 Co-ordinations card stock so decide to use some of the colours that normally do not appeal to me.  That`s probably why they were at the bottom of the box.  

Base card 6 x 6 white card
Piece of 6 x 6 dark beige card cut slightly smaller
Piece of brown card also cut smaller and run through a Crafters Companion embossing folder and sanded back
Corners cut using a SB Die I have no idea of the name, I got it before I started Blogging.  Took them from the package and stuck them on a piece of Magnetic Sheet and in a little wallet.  I have learnt to do things differently now!!!!
A piece of paper I found in my Bit Box and I know it is a Nit Wit paper but cant remember from which collection.  I really love some of the Nit Wit papers.  I have loads of the collection but sometimes I do forget about them
A mat using SB Scalloped Circle Die
Sentiment I found in my "Die cut Bit Box" the other evening.  It had been cut out in white and not used.  I inked it up to take the stark look away.  I thought it was quite a nice sentiment
I think I must buy some of these Gilding Waxes I feel the corners should be a bit brighter

That`s it for tonight
Thank you for popping in, I realy appreciate that.  
I receive so many kind messages and I truly try to respond to everyone.  Please know I am so thankful that you take time to comment
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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

"From the Die Cut Bit Box"

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I actually made a few cards this afternoon, first time for ages.  I was putting some Die Cut "Bits" in my box when I decided to see what I could make with some of the bits already in there.    I found a couple of shapes and a Die Cut pram so thought I would have a go with them.  Here is what I came up with.

Base card approx 5 x 7 white card
A piece of spotty paper I think was from a Freebe Hunkydory Kit I got in a magazine.
Die Cut Decorative Labels Eight,  I must have used the centre bit for something!!  I mounted this on foam pads to lift it little
Inner shape from Timeless Rectangles which I ran through a spotty embossing folder, also added foam pads to this as well
Memory Box Baby Pram I ran that through SB Splendid embossing folder.  I was using that for another card and had inked it.  I used up the ink that was left on the craft mat and ran the pram and a few other Die cut bits through the folder
Pink pearls on the wheels
I have not put a greeting on it, I think I might just leave it without.  I like it plain and simple

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it and all your lovely comments
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Patricia   xxx

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Monday, 22 July 2013

"Wedding Wishes"

Hello Bloggers, hope you have had a good day.  I know the weather has been hot for some people today.  Here in Perthshire it was very cool to say the least.  I had to go find a cardigan its a while since I have had to do that.
Certainly got caught up with lots of little jobs that I have been putting off.  Even managed to make a card.  
When Audrey came for the boys yesterday she asked if I had made a card for Stephanie (John`s cousins daughter).   I had forgotten that she was getting married on Saturday the 27th.  The wedding is in Germany where she is living and will be working as soon as her German is at the standard required by the German Government.  She is s Dentist, she will not be able to practise till she has a certificate stating that she has the required standard of the language.

Here is the card I made, we will pop a cheque in.  I would have got some Euros but as usual with me it is too late.   I still have to make the box, then I will get it to her parents who will take it with them when they go on Thursday.

Base card is 6 x 6 white card
Some very pale peach/pink card
A piece of pretty paper I found in my box.  I think it might be from a Joanna Sheen CD
I used my Score-Bug to give the effect of Paper Piercing
2 Memory Box Catalina Wreath Dies cuts and layered
Peach/pink card cut using SB scalloped circle Die
Pretty paper embossed and cut using SB Classic circle Die
Cheery Lynn Chrysanthemum Die.  I saw this Die used on a card by John Next Door and just loved it.
Roses a Britania Die, I love this little rose as a filler.
Leaves SB Foliage Die
Some pearls from my stash
Computer generated greeting mounted on a piece of the peach/pink card to finish off

That`s it for today
Thank you for visiting me, I really appreciate that.   I do hope you come back.  If you have a Blog please leave a comment then I can link back and return the favour.
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Sunday, 21 July 2013

"Audrey`s Gift Bag"

Hello Bloggers.
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Earlier I posted the little tools I have found handy.  A bit different for me but someone did ask on a  post last week about them.  
That done I got on with crafting, I had a Wedding card to make for Hazel`s daughter.  Nearly there, not quite finished but getting on with it.

I can show you the bag I made to hold the gift I gave Audrey for her birthday yesterday.  I had bought a very delicate lacy scarf for her.  Audrey is like me she loves her scarves, three of her friends also gave her a scarf so looks like she will have plenty of choice when it comes to scarf wearing time again.  Luckily I had popped some money in with her card so she buy something other than a scarf..........LOL!!! 
The bag was a bit of an experiment, it worked out not too bad.  Would probably make a few adjustments if I did another one.

The main part of the bag was made using SB Grand Labels One in burgandy card
I used a smaller size for the contrasting panel in card from a Card Stack.   I got it at a bargain price in Dunelim Mill around Christmas time
SB Grand Scalloped and Classic circles for the flap of the bag
Handle made with two strips of the contrasting card stuck together and fastened to the top of the bag with some brads
SB Heart dies, a Marianne Butterfly Die and some Pearls for the decoration

Audrey was delighted with the bag, she said she thought she might re-use for a friend it in the future.  However she has now decided she will keep on the chest of drawers in her bedroom.  I can feel an order for one coming on sometime soon.  Hopefully not too soon
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by again, I really appreciate it
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Patricia   xxx

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"Crafty Tools"

Hello Blog friends, can you believe that`s the weekend over once again.
Hope you have all enjoyed the good weather.  Ours deteriorated rapidly at approx 5pm this afternoon.  Turning very cool to say the least.  Looked like it could have turned to rain, so far so good it is still dry.
We had the boys for a sleepover last night.  This morning they were up and out to clear the burn that runs down the side of our garden.  The burn belongs to the farm next to us, the boys just love playing along it.  Over the past few months there have been fallen branches that have blocked the flow of water also creating a "stop" for all kinds of bits and pieces.  Bits of pipe from the farm yard, bits of wood from their potato boxes and of course leaves.  Now all cleared and running free.   Grandpa managed to get his wellies filled with water plus his jeans soaking and covered in mud.  Out of the three of them he was the dirtiest.  Boys showered and bathed for a second time today.  Their dirty washing done, dried ironed and all put away.

No card today but I thought I would show you tools I have discovered and I find rather useful.
The purple one I have had for quite a while.  I bought it as a "thread cutter" just to have in my box along with my little scissors when I was doing Cross Stitch.  I now use it to distress the edges of paper, after seeing it advertised as a "Distressing Tool"
The grey and blue one is a "Score - Bug".  At the left hand side sticking out of the blue bit there are little "teeth" they are not in any way sharp.  
If you engage them in a channel on your score board and run it down your piece of card it scores little indentations.  This looks like paper piercing without actual holes.  Much quicker and much easier in my opinion.   I find doing the piercing using the Tim Holtz Ruler and a pokey tool very hard on the hands.
These tools are both available from Hougie Crafts
The Score-Bug is £6.95 and the Distress Tool is £3.20
That`s it for today
Thank you so much for taking the time to pop in to my Blog.  I really appreciate that you do that and for all your kind comments.
Till next time

Patricia   xxx
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