Sunday, 4 November 2012

How to make "Gift Bag"

Good morning Blog friends, great to have you here.  Thank you for taking time to visit,
Hazel and I did quite well at our Craft Fair.  We did not sell as much this time as we did at the same Fair last year.  Noticed that people came, looked, looked again then walked on.  Not just at our table, at them all.  We were saying people are definitely being far more cautious about spending their money. Tell you something we were both very "Tired"........... after it.  Gosh!! maybe being another year older has something to do with it.
 I did have a fair amount of white hair before I started this Oh! My! Goodness I think it is 100% white now..............!!!!
I have tried and tried to get the pictures side by side, sorry this very stupid person has not managed that........ I am so angry with myself.   However I am posting what I have managed to do after all the sweat and tears.

You will need:- 

Grand Calibur/Large Die Cutting Machine
2 sheets of thick paper thin card 12" x 12"
Spellbinders Grand Labels 1 or any shape you wish to cut the Bag
Classic Circle Dies or any shape you wish to cut out the handle
Scissors, Cosmic Shimmer Glue 
Use a wet glue it gives time to move the sides into position.

Cut paper to fit the Die, this leaves you bits to make the flowers or other embellishments. If using Labels 1 you will have 2 pieces approx 12" x 4" & 2 approx 4" x 8" left over.   Cut out both side of the bag together, I don`t emboss.  Still keeping them together,  tape on the Classic circles Die or die of your choice.   Place the Die about 1" down from the top and eyeball the centre from the sides as shown.



 Cutting out the Handle:-
Place the project on your cutting plate, leaving the bit that is NOT going to be cut, sticking out.   Run the rest of the project through your machine. 



  Fold in and stick the 1/2 shape you cut


Taking one of the 12" strips score and fold in 1/2" down both sides   

On the same strip score and fold down 3" from the top and 3" up from the bottom.  Crease all the folds         

To form the box shape.  Where the 3"score line meets the 1/2" score,  snip and stick for the 4 corners

Attach to one side of the Bag

Once in position attach this to the other side of the Bag
 The base of the bag



You should now have a finished bag. 

Oh! My Goodness!  the bag took me 20mins to make.  Trying to put this poor attempt of words and pictures together has taken over 2 hours. 
Please forgive the very amateurish way this has been done I just hope you all understand it.
Can you please give me your honest opinion on this.  Be honest, it would help if I did do something like this in the future. 
I did think about showing you how to do the Roses but that`s a big IF.........................!!!!

That`s it for now, gone to have a lie down.


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  1. Hi Patricia, your tutorial is very easy to follow you have explained all the stages perfectly. Good on you. Yes please for a tutorial on making roses as mine do not turn out as lovely as yours so I need instruction and soon please.


    Wilma x x

  2. Explanation is absolutely fine Patricia. I will be buying a Grand Labels die this week and having a go. I cannot get pictures side by side on blogger no matter how I try!

    YES! YES! YES! to a rose tutorial! I actually made a couple yesterday, with Rose Creations, for the very first time but I'm not happy with them. What kind of card/paper do you need? I wonder if mine was too thick.

    Anyway, have a good day! Christine x

    1. I use white 160gsm paper that I would print my backing papers on. I keep all the printed scraps to make flowers. If I use plain white I use distress inks for the colours I want. I manage with up to 220gms after that it gets a bit tricky.
      I made some flowers this afternoon and photographed each step. Will try and get something together before the end of the week.


  3. Morning Patricia ..thank you for showing us how to make one of these little bags and its a great tutorial...


  4. Good Morning Patricia,
    What a brilliant piece of work, the photos are great and the write up is so easy to follow, you have done a brilliant job, thank you. Hope you had a good lie down, as now you must definitely tackle a Rose tutorial, for all of us that admire your flower arrangements so much, (me), hee hee.
    You are really a talented crafter, Patricia.
    Have a good day today.

  5. Well done Patricia, this is a fabulous tutorial. I think even I could follow it!!!! Thank you for sharing.

    Hugs Sue

  6. Wonderful Patrica! Lovely gift bag and a great tutorial!x

  7. Thanks Patricia. Great step by step. It is very easy to follow. You are a star! Hugs, Buttons x

  8. Well done on the tutorial is very easy to follow yes to the rose tutorial >melanie thanks for your lovely comment on my blog

  9. Great tutorial Patricia, I have often hung a die over the edge to get a bit of a cut but couldn't get my head around it for this so Thank you.
    To get my photos side by side this morning I made sure the photo was aligned to the left, I clicked on the photo to make sure it was set to small and I typed a couple of spaces between the two - hope this helps. xx Flora

  10. Hi Patricia,
    what a wonderful tutorial. Well done you so superbly edited. Oh my goodness don't think I could have done it.
    No wonder you need the rest.
    I love the card you used.
    Sorry to hear you didn't do to well yesterday.
    I think people are being very careful with their money at the mo.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. Patricia, you are a gem. I think your tutorial is wonderful and done in such a way that makes it easy to understand. I certainly appreciate the time it must have taken to do something like this. Thank-You so much. Hugs Rita xx

  12. wonderful tutorial yes plz for rose tutorial i might have a go at a bag this afternoon

  13. Great tutorial patricia, instructions very clear, well done. Kate x

  14. Hi Patricia,
    Your gift bag and tutorial are fabulous! Thank you for taking the time to show us how to make it...I love to make little gift bags/boxes:)

    Thank you also, for visiting my blog and your kind words xx

  15. hi Patricia i have emailed yoy a pis of my bag i made as i havent got a blog its black n white 4 my daughter as these her fav colours im going to put in some gothic jewellery i got her for xmas thaks again

  16. Hi Patricia, thanks for super tutorial and what a lovely gift bag, glad you did well at your craft fair. I found the same last week - all the tables were really good quality crafts and people stopped and looked and came back. I did well, but have done better and everyone was the same. I was worn out too!!! Hugs Carole Z X

  17. Afternoon Patricia, You call that 'amateurish', you have provided a brilliant tutorial, that even I can understand, the words together with the piccies is brilliant. Thank you so much for doing this, it is a fantastic help to us 'amateurs', and a tutorial on your gorgeous roses would also be greatly appreciated if you have the time.
    Glad you had a good day at the fair yesterday, I think our Christmas Fayre next Saturday at Church will probably end up the same, people just looking.
    I have spent every day since last Thursday at our local hospital with my daughter, we had to rush her in with kidney infections and then she also developed a fever, she is being pumped intravenously with painkillers and anti-biotics, poor love. Then tomorrow I am going into eye hospital to have my first eye lasered, not looking forward to that at all ha ha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx


  18. Patricia you are going to be busy with your rose tutorial are you not? Hazel

  19. Well done Patricia! This is a brilliant tutorial, very clear and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing.
    Lorraine x

  20. Oh WOW Patricia, a tutorial and a really good one! Like lots of pics, you did good, girl!!!!
    Debbie x

  21. Absolutely Stunning sweetie, hugs Pops x x x

  22. brilliant Patricia, have saved it to have a go when I have more time,
    I cannot get pictures side by side either, will have go at what Flora has written,
    well done you...

  23. Great tutorial Patricia. Many thanks for the blood,sweat and tears it took to post it! The hardest part is now over as you have tried it once...everyone is looking forward to your rose tutorial once you have recovered!x

  24. Wow, what a great tutorial, Patricia! Gorgeous bag, love it! Hugs

  25. Goodness what a Super tutorial Patricia! Love this sweet bad and I am definitely going to have to give this a try! 8-)