Sunday, 30 April 2017

Little Vanity Boxes

Hello Fellow Bloggers, I was delighted to have so many of you visit, thank you so much for that.   Without you popping in this Blogging lark would be a waste of time and effort.
If it was not got my sister Hazel I would still be struggling with getting my photos on my Blog, it's terrible to be this "thick"!!
After our "meet up" Diane went on to visit our Maureen to see how she was getting on.  Diane was able to tell us "exactly" how she was.  Diane was flying home from Newcastle so of course could not leave without seeing Maureen, Diane took along little gifts from us.
Maureen likes my Scottish Tablet, I made a special little Vanity Box to put some in.  I saved a tutorial from Pinterest on how make these boxes, it was by Ann'shappystamper.
I made a few little alterations but the overall box was from the Tutorial.

Here are my Vanity Boxes
The pink one was my first attempt, it was OK!! not great just OK!
The lilac ones were made with card from my stash as well as Anna-Marie Card.
Think by the third one I got it, it's a nice little box.  I love making boxes and flowers so I had fun doing these.
The finished boxes measure 4"longx3"wide & 3"deep a good size for small gif

Thank you so up have for your visit.
I really appreciate that you take time to call in.

Patricia xxx

Friday, 28 April 2017

Hello Baby!! Card

Good afternoon its a long lost Blogger calling!!!
Last year I closed my Blog for the summer and never managed back.  My computer updated to Windows 10 and I was totally scuppered.  My Son is a Mac user and did not have a clue. My husband is not computer literate ... he leaves that all to me.  That left me sitting staring at a computer screen unable to find my photos never mind trying to upload them!!!
I have just spent a few days away with my sister (Hazelsbasketsofjoy) plus friends we met from our Blogs, this was our 3rd six monthly "meet up".   Hazel has managed to get photos up of us all enjoying ourselves ... we were missing one.  Maureen fell a couple of weeks ago and fractured her hip and was unable to join us.  We really, really missed her, however we all keep in touch daily and know she will be with us for our next "meet up" in October.
While away Hazel and I spent ages sitting on our beds pressing buttons, Ooooing!! and Aaaaing!! almost pulling our hair out.  Hazel is much better on the computer than me, she cracked it, she is good at pressing buttons.  
I am home sitting on my own thinking about all the the things Hazel told me to do.
I think I have cracked it for this post but please bare with me, I am hoping to get better at finding my photos.

Below is a baby card I made for my friend Elaine`s Daughter and SIL on the birth of their third daughter Holly.  Holly was born last Friday and is now home with her big sisters.

Base card pink cut from A3
Spotty card is Anna-Marie Card
White card embossed using a button folder
Spellbinder dies for the ovals
Booties hand knitted by me
Banner from scraps with a computer generated greeting

If you have found me please leave a little comment so I know you called in.
I will then be able to thank you if you have a Blog I can pop in to see what you are doing.

Hope to manage back again soon
Patricia xxx

Sorry I cant get Hazel`s actual "link" up.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Closing for the Summer

Hello Blog friends, I have not been a very good Blogger lately.  No Excuses apart from not having the time for Blogging,  Card Making or Crafting in general.
I have decided to leave Blogging till later in the year. 
Our boys are off school, we don`t look after them but we do go away a lot with them and John & Audrey.
Hazel (my sister) and I have things going on over the next few months as well which will also keep us busy.  
Hazel has just finished booking the Hotel for our next "Meet Up" with Blog friends we met for the first time last November in Birmingham.  We had had a fantastic few days away meeting up in April and said we would all get together again in October.  That`s well on the way now with everyone saving and looking forward to it.
I hope you all have the most fantastic Summer and the sun shines for everyone..
Thank you for your loyalty and all your wonderful  comments on my past projects.
I appreciate each and every one.
Stay safe
Patricia   xxx


Friday, 1 July 2016

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who pressed the wrong button and just landed here!!!
Welcome to my little corner of Blog land.
I mentioned in my last Post that Thomas and his dad had taken Thomas` dog Corrie to the Vet School in Edinburgh for an MRI Scan,  On Wednesday she had a 3hour Operation to remove a 7cm almost 3" stick from her throat.  Corrie came through the operation but is still well drugged up and being looked after in Edinburgh.  The Vets are amazed she lived so long with that in her.  She already had an emergency operation a couple of months ago to remove the sick that Audrey had thrown for her.  She got over that, had been full of beans, eating an swimming most days ... till she developed a huge abscess that was oozzing "gunk" on her neck.  The local Vet thought it might have been a "small" piece of stick he had missed that was making its way out.  Nope!!! it was a bit bigger than that!!!!  Anyway that`s it dealt with, they hope to go through at the weekend to collect her although they think it might be Monday. 
It was the boys End of Term Performance at School Wednesday afternoon.  Thomas is moving on to High School after the summer.  When we went in Thomas looked awful he had not slept much since Monday.  During the performance John Jr received a message from the Vet School.  He went out to take the call, came back with a smile on his face, went straight to Thomas to give him the good news that Corrie had made it.  Thomas took on a totally different look from that minute on and enjoyed the rest of the event.

One Boy & hid Dog!!!

Today is "Oldie for Friday"started by Erika over at:-
It is an opportunity to show any crafts we have done in the past.
Here is mine for today:-

This card was an order from one of my Neighbours.  She needed a card for her Niece.
Base card 8x8
Yellow and white card
Die Cut Champagne Glass
Signature Die from JS for the Lace
SW (I think) Die Cut Ivy.
Sentiment done on the Computer
Some pearls for the Bubbles

I have just realised this is a very similar colour pallett to the card I posted earlier in the week.
Oh! well its done now
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

"Golden Wedding Card"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any poppers by, hope you are all well.  
Don`t know about you guys but I fear we are not going to get a summer this year.  Hopefully July might be better than June has been.
Thomas our older Grandson (almost 12) was off to the Vet School in Edinburgh with his dad yesterday.  A few months ago while Audrey was out walking Thomas` dog, Audrey threw a stick for Corrie,  she jumped to catch it, it went in her mouth and down her throat.  Quick home, along to the Vet where she had to have an emergency operation.  Warning:- to all you dog owners DON`T throw sticks no matter how much they love it. 
About 6 weeks ago Corrie developed an abscess on her neck which was oozzing "gunk".  Back to the Vet, he reckoned there was still a bit stick there.  After several X-Rays showing nothing they had to take Corrie to Edinburgh to have a "MRI Scan" today and her operation tomorrow if they find what is causing the problem.  Poor Thomas is devistated but taking it very bravely.  The Vet leading the team told him of the risks but reassured him he was leaving his much loved dog in very capable hands. Fingers crossed it all goes well and they can pick Corrie up on Friday.
Anyway enough of the sad stuff.
I had a phone call from my friend in the village needing a card for a Golden Wedding.  Now there`s a happy thought a couple who have managed to last 50 years.
Here is my card:-

Base card 8x8
Yellow card from a pack bought in the States a few years ago
White card spritzed and run through a Roses EF
Yellow 160gsm paper for the Roses SB A Gilded Life ... Garden Blooms
Leaves are cut using very old Dies
Lace is Signature Die from JS I think is called Grace Lace
Sentiment done on the computer, cut out with very old SB Dies
Sick Pin made up from Beads from my box
That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia xxx


Saturday, 25 June 2016

"Box for a friend"

Hello everyone, hope you are all well and doing some Happy Crafting.   It`s much better than watching all the "gloom and doom" predictions on the telly!!!!
I am finding it very difficult to sit down and actually loose myself in Crafting, never used to be a problem.
This is a box I made for a dear friend Hazel and I met a few years ago through Blogging.  We love to meet up and chat only problem is we live nearly 200 miles apart.  Visits are few and far between, however we make the most of every minute when do get a chance to get together.

Made from a "Works" paper Pad ... if you have not bought any of these yet you really must.  They are fantastic value at only £3 & £4 
Great quality 250gsm and 2 sheets of 12 double sided designs in the pack.  They have lots of packs to suit most tastes.
If there is not a shop near you they do offer a wonderful quick online service
Roses are made from purple 160gsm card/paper.  I used household bleach to create some colour difference. 

There is the most wonderful easy to follow Tutorial to be found here:-

If go to the Tutorials List then look for "Origami Box" 
I love making these boxes and am lucky enough not to need the Tutorial nowOnce you make a couple your set.

Right must go get some Housework done
Thank you for your visit
Till next time 


Patricia  xxx

Friday, 24 June 2016

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello everyone hope you are well and looking forward to yet another weekend  ...  how did that happen so quickly???
I am struggling to find some older things that I have not already shown you.  I never used to photo ALL my projects, just the ones I was actually posting.  Now I often have my projects wrapped, in boxes or envelopes all sealed and ready to go ... guess what ... I have forgotten to photograph them.  It really must be an age thing!!! 
Anyway had a rummage and here we go:-

This was a "First Anniversary" card for a neighbours daughter.  My goodness they have two little boys 7 &3 now ... how time flies.
The embellishments were made using old  Crealies Flower and Foliage Dies.
LOTV pre-coloured image and I "think" a SB Die for the background circle.

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate you take time time to call in
Till next time

Patricia  xxx