Thursday, 22 February 2018

Some of my other Gift Bags!!!

Hello everyone and thank you for all the lovely comments you have been leaving, I love reading them all.  If anything I do or show gives a little inspiration I am happy ... sharing is goodI have been rather busy this week, just don`t have much to show for it though.  I did meet my sister Hazel on Tuesday, we had a good old face to face chat.  Hazel and I do chat every day and try to meet at least once a month or more if at all possible.  Its a round trip of 100 miles to each others houses so we usually meet half way in a nice Hotel where we have a morning cuppa, well usually two!!  
Yesterday was a beautiful day, I had a great time washing, ironing, cleaning, I love days like that. 
I have not had much time for crafting this week so thought I would show you a couple of the Gift Bags I have sitting waiting to be used when needed. 

First one uses some 12x12 Oriental Papers I have had for years.   I made some paper tassels for decoration.
A little Baby Gift Bag using 12x12  paper that I have had in the cupboard for years.  I decorated the bag with some Pom Poms.
I have stopped buying, well I am trying to stop buying card apart from White for making Base Cards.
I will never, ever get through what I have in stock.  The annoying thing is, even with boxes of card we all have we never seem to have the "exact"  colour we are looking for do we????
That`s it again folks, thank you for your visit I really appreciate it.
Till next time 
Patricia xxx

Monday, 19 February 2018

A little bit Shabby Chic!!!

Happy Monday morning Blog friends and followers hope you are all good and enjoyed the weekend.  Don`t know about any of you but to me the weekends definitely go in quicker than they used to.  I used to think they went in quick when I was wort king but they go in even quicker now!!!  
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my Challenge Makes.  Pamela gave "me" the bits for my use to see what I could make with the wallpaper off cut.  I am seeing her later this week, I will show her what I did and offer her anything she could use.  I have a feeling she will go firstly for the Big gift bag which I would really love to keep.  However I have about a dozen rather nice bags sitting waiting to be used already. 
NATTYBOOTS:- are you the Elaine that commented on Sue Wilson`s Blog???  I notice that Elaine no longer comments and wondered if it was you.  I did ask Myra and Maureen and they have said they think and hope it is you.  Anyway you are most welcome to chat to them Via my Blog. 

Today I have a card that I sent to a very sweet member of "The Elegant Eight" who all keep in touch daily.  Actually they are all very sweet, we are a great crowd, just a pity we can only meet up twice a year.  However we do make good use of the 3 days we spend together each Meet Up.
Here is the card:-

I don`t normally do Shabby Chic but we all have to step out of our comfort zone sometimes.   This is just a tiny bit shabby!!!
Base card 6x6
There is a very pale pink card mat.
The paper is printed from a CD, I also used some of it to make the rose.
The leaves are made using the same pale pink card as the mat.
Finished off with some string pearls and a computer generated greeting.

That`s it for Today
Thank you for taking the time to stop by I really appreciate it.

Patricia xxx

Thursday, 15 February 2018

I was thrown a Challenge!!!

Hello Blog friends and faithful followers, thank you for calling by.  If you have landed here by pressing the wrong button please stay a while.  I actually like when that happens when I am trawling, you often get a very nice surprise and some really good ideas.
Thank you for all you kind comments on my little cube box, I really appreciate every single one. 
Last week I met up with my friend who has a Beauty Salon on her day off for a coffee..  She recently won an award for the "Most up and Coming Small Business".  As a reward her dad paid to have her little Salon redecorated.  She handed me an off cut of the wallpaper used on the feature wall and said "I would like to see what you can create using this"  It had a large rather opulent design in Black & Silver with a little sparkle, very thick and just beautiful. Well folks I do like a challenge!!!
I have been beavering away in the background, I wanted to make things that I could give back to her as a "Thank You" for the challenge!!!!  I wanted to make little gift boxes and bags that she could possibly use herself.  
This is quite photo heavy but here they are:-

 Everything has a black base to work with the paper.   
A very large Gift Bag which is the same both sides using up the main part of the Off Cut.  I stuck the paper for the body of the bag on to some purple card.   I think it looks like the bag lining.
A tall box with a top make from a broken Christmas decoration!!  Three little 3x3 boxes which make good Gift Boxes for some jewellery.   A "book" style Gift Box, I followed a YouTube Video for this which I will pop on at the end.
Inside of the Book Gift Box plus 2 more of the outside:-
Tall Gift Box, I popped some purple tissue in it to carry on the colour theme.
A bigger box that is not in the main picture:-
It is also lined this box with the purple card
A Clutch Style Bag from the same Youtube Channel as the Book Gift Box here:- 
I Die Cut flowers from little scraps of the Wallpaper:-


This is what is left of the Off Cut which was only about 30inches in length to begin with.

I am sure I can use that for a "little" something.
Wakey! Wakey!
Sorry if you have fallen asleep.
Promise next post will be short!!!
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate it.
Till next time
Patricia xxx



Monday, 12 February 2018

Little Cube Box

Hello Blog friends and followers, thank you for your visit.  I hope you have all had a good weekend.
We did not go too far it was rather cold.  It was bright and sunny after two dull starts so that was a bonus.  If the sun is shining I do get loads done in the house ... cleaning, crafting, baking etc-:
We had a little celebration here at our house yesterday afternoon.  Our younger grandson Robert 11 has been signed once again as a Trainee Goal Keeper for the Academy Team of Dundee Football Club, that`s his 3 year with the Club.   Mum (Midwife) was working so we decided to have a little "at home" Afternoon Tea.  We had lots of fun, rounding off the afternoon with a "Snowball Fight" ... NO!! we do not have that amount of Snow.  We bought a tub of 20 "indoor snowballs" before Christmas for something like £4.  Tell you what, the fun we have had with that tub of snowballs even since Christmas is amazing.  
 I did manage some good "playtime" I was asked if I could make some little table favours for a Valentine Dinner a friend is having, she needed 14 for the 14th.  I had a look on Pinterest and found a Video Tutorial for some sweet little boxes :- 

Each little box holds a Lindor Truffle
The Video is brilliant and so easy to follow.
The same little box holds 2 t-light's

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by and taking time to comment, I really appreciate it.
Have a great day
Till next time

Here is a picture of the Snowballs, they actually feel like a snowball but obviously they are cosy on the hands. 

Patricia xxx

Friday, 9 February 2018

One Stamp, Three Cards.

Good morning everyone hope you are all well, and looking forward to Spring.  Going by this weeks weather it is a bit away for us in this part of  Perthshire, Scotland with the deep snow we have had.  Today the sky is blue, the sun is shining brightly but my goodness its Baltic out there.
Never mind I saw some Snowdrops when I was out this morning and the evenings are a little lighter longer that`s a bonus. 
 Thank you everyone for your kind comments.  I forgot the little boxes I showed last time helped to raise so much money for Beth and her good cause.  Hazel (my sister) and I are always planning and organising events to raise money for something, keeps us out of mischief!!!!
Today I have 3 very different cards using the same stamp.

I am not the best at stamping although it has improved dramatically since JND promoted his Stamp Press.
The middle card came about because I made a mess of the leaves when stamping the whole image.   I cut the leaves away then cut up what was left to make the DL card.  That gave me the idea for cutting up the other images I had stamped. 
The stamp is a HoneyDoo Stamp and it does stamp beautifully when you do it right.  
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Have a great weekend,  hopefully I will have something ready for Monday 
Patricia xxx


Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Little Boxes.

Hello Blog friends and followers, thank you so much for calling by.  I do try to visit all who leave a comment and have a Blog.  I like to see what you have been doing and leave a return comment.  For all of you who come in and don`t have a Blog "Thank You" I appreciate every comment left.
Today I have some Little Boxes mostly made from scraps to show you.  I made lots of these before Christmas as little table gifts for things I was attending.  I also did a few Craft Talks, each person who attended received one as a Thank You if they bought from me.  In the end I reckon I had made about 150. 

Each of these little boxes mostly made from scraps contained a Lip Balm, something we could all use at the time and can still use at this time of year.
Base of the boxes are made using a piece of card 3x5 scored all round at 1" made into a box
Wrappers were another great way of using us scrapes of paper, they measure  31\8 x 43\4.  Wrap round not too tightly to enable the box to slide out and in.  Finish off with a nice ribbon ... simple.

That`s it from me today 
Thank you for popping i, I do appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx


Monday, 5 February 2018

A Birthday Card

Hello blog friends and my faithful followers, thank you so much for all your lovely comments.  I hope any of you who wanted to make the box I showed on Thursday past, managed to get the link.  I copied the link from Google and there was an typing error in it.  Don`t know how that happened, sorry if you did not get it, it`s sorted now.
Thank you Saba for e-mailing me regarding the error.
Today I have a Birthday Card, it was an order from another neighbour for the same lady that received the Card & Box on her 70th Birthday.  I posted that Card & Box last week.
The card also needed a box, this one is just a plain white box made using the same card stock as the card and my Crafters Companion Score Board.  I like their board, it is made with a side for the lid and the other for the base all calculated for you.


An 8x8 card, I cut my cards from A3 card from Papermill Direct. 
Blue/Lilac card is SW Foundation Card
Die, a Signature Die from Joana Sheen 
I think .... the leaf Die is a SW one, it is on a magnetic sheet in my box ... sorry!!!
The Roses are made using SB Blossom 5 Die and Lilac Copy Paper
Greeting, computer generated
That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia xxx